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TBOOK.FINANCE is a brand new directory of Financial Technology Firms, Products and Services.

Launched in January 2021 by the team who brought you MoneyScience, CryptAssets and more recently, codeFinance.training and QuantSchools.

It wasn't so long ago that people were declaiming the death of the directory model for online information. We were told that search technology and Google in particular were rendering the whole effort to curate taxonomic, structured sources irrelevent. Why would you need to organise resources and data when your users could simply run a search and discover your content? Of course, there was always something problematic with this idea. Google's scroll might be effectively infinite but peoples' capacity for writing useful search queries or filtering unstructured data was always limited. This didn't stop the online directory model from falling into decline though and so, for most people, it stopped being the most obvious, intutive way to find the information they needed and.as the number of directories diminished and the internet users changed, so did familiarity with the model, and all the benefits that came with it.

More inconvenient still for online directory publishers marketers stopped seeing the value too and instead of enhancing their profiles on directories, or paying for featured placements, companies started allocating marketing funds to optimise their Search presence, to bid on keywords for advertising space, or create social content for sharing. All of this clearly has value but what is also clear is that is that it provides established firms with big budgets with a distinct advantage - smaller fish are competing with big fish at the top of the Search Results, and inevitably find it harder.

Here at TBook.Finance we're thinking differently about the value of online directories. Far from being a model in decline, we think that it is a model which solves some of the problems created by an online marketing space that is dominated by algorithmic placement in a flat structure. While recognising the challenges we face, the incumbent models and websites that are ranged against us, and the need to develop an offering which has distinct value in itself, we think that to some extent we have the capacity to democratise the playing field for online marketing in the financial technology space and all our efforts will be devoted to making companies and marketers aware of the advantages we offer.

There is much to be done! At the point of our launch on Jan 1st 202, we have more than 150 companies in more than 50 categories, and as well as growing this number organically through signups, we'll also be doing our own research, adding new firms as we encounter them and refining our categories and taxonomies to better reflect the shape of the industry. Not only this, but we have a task ahead of us to promote ourselves to the search engines and the social web - and in the next few weeks we'll be launching an affiliate program so that we can offer enhanced coverage to firms who reciprocate with links to us, as well as doing our own social media marketing and promotion. Sign up with us now, and you get the benefits of our work!

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